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Mother Likes It Nasty Volume 2 Parts 1-3 : Motherly Love,Mother and Son Reunion, Sons With Benefits by Daniella Donati Mother Likes It Nasty Volume 2 Parts 1-3 : Motherly Love,Mother and Son Reunion, Sons With Benefits by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 11983 words Sample 20%
All three parts in the second volume of the extremely erotic short-story series Mother Likes It Nasty about adult family love.
After Hours — Coworker Seduction by Andi Madden After Hours — Coworker Seduction by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 4216 words Sample 15%
Got a secret crush on your sexy coworker? Imagine going on an overnight business trip with him. Things take a quick turn from professional to so hot and steamy, she's going to need a shower—with him. ~ A complete, sweet and hot EROTICA romance if you only have 15 minutes of time to read. Perfectly bite-sized erotica short story for your reading pleasure.
To Own a Wolf - Part 2 by Lithier To Own a Wolf - Part 2 by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 5687 words Sample 25%
Locke is just getting settled in at college when his mysterious uncle sends him a gift: a fully trained sex slave. Locke feels compelled to help her, to try and show her a normal life, but she has other plans... This furry story contains intense, graphic sexual scenes.
Lorna and Tony by Tony Egar Lorna and Tony by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 17768 words Read a sample
When Lorna enters a room the love of God comes with her. Her early life explains some of this. Something about her is special beyond normal understanding. I have been married to her for over 32 years. I have watched her interact with people and it does not change. This invisible feeling moves some to tears of joy, others just want to hug her and others start confiding their deepest secrets.
A Billionaire's Heart (Blackmail, Passion, Maids and More) by Midnight Climax Bundles A Billionaire's Heart (Blackmail, Passion, Maids and More) by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.99 33392 words Sample 20%
Find the way to warm his heart in this bundle of erotic stories. The Blackmailed Maid: What will you do when the billionaire catches you stealing? Sophia is a normal woman struggling to survive in our harsh economy. When the housing market went under, her whole family suffered a series of setbacks that led to having to drop out of college and take up a job as a maid. Luckily, her father was...
Mar Profundo by Edward Warrior, Sr Mar Profundo by Aug. 29, 2015 $6.50 82141 words Sample 10%
São 370 páginas em busca da história perdida da humanidade por caminhos que atravessam linhas de tempo infindáveis. Fica comprovado que o Paradoxo do Avô não existe e que muito provavelmente as lendas de Lemúria e Atlântida são verdadeiras e podemos encontrá-la nos mapas.
Full of Fear - The Way Out of Relapse According to Ancient Sacred Texts by Michael Magyar Full of Fear - The Way Out of Relapse According to Ancient Sacred Texts by Aug. 29, 2015 $14.99 3374 words
Full of Fear serves baby food to the reader. Soft and easy to understand yet nutritious and life giving to infants trapped in big peoples bodies that is most addicts. Finding a way out of fear is the way out of addiction and may provide the addict the best chance to keep his or her life. Read my book. Take a chance. After all, what do you have to lose?
The Faceless Man's Exordium by Hector Carrillo, Jr The Faceless Man's Exordium by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 11258 words Sample 10%
A small mini-series that encompasses mystery at the disappearance of a tenant, the murder of another tenant and a detective, along with the massacre of CSU personnel. All told by different points-of-view from the psychics who are called to the scene of the crime by the faceless man's ongoing murder spree, as the series continues to progress.
His Truth Your Nightmare by Mesha Mesh His Truth Your Nightmare by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 46017 words Read a sample
His Truth Your Nightmare is a tale of love, murder, sex, and craziness, all wrapped into one. Two heartbroken people, who were just living life the best way they could, get together and make things happen. Crazy ex's try to get in the way, striking revenge, doing any and everything, to make things harder for the two of them to live in peace. Meet Truth and Legend and see just how deep love can be.
Dawit's Dawit by dawitkassa Dawit's Dawit by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 35092 words Read a sample
Dawit Kassa introduces....
One Cure: An Essay Arguing Against the Idea that A Single Cure for Cancer is Impossible by John R. Freeman II One Cure: An Essay Arguing Against the Idea that A Single Cure for Cancer is Impossible by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 18678 words Sample 20%
In this short work of speculative non-fiction, the author attempts to change the way that we view cancer, transforming it from an inevitable killer of all to a conquerable enemy.
Army of the One - Bark at the Moon Book Two by Jim "Little Wolf" Vose Army of the One - Bark at the Moon Book Two by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.95 72295 words Sample 15%
Abaddon and Breccan return in the fast paced sequel to Bark at the Moon - Coming of the One. Joined by new, powerful Allies, the Army of the One readies for battle. Hear the howl of our Alpha and know that he is ABADDON!
Never Too Late by Kira Barcelo Never Too Late by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 21788 words Sample 20%
Looking for some spice in her life, Kit Connelly finds more than she bargained for in Andrew Hollister. Both Kit and Andrew have secretly desired a romantic relationship with domestic discipline. But is Kit ready to be taken in hand?
Benjamin Franklin - The Voice of America by Pablo Ruiz Benjamin Franklin - The Voice of America by Aug. 29, 2015 $9.99 8205 words
To some Benjamin Franklin was a father figure who knew exactly what he was capable of doing for a new nation and for humanity as a whole.Other see in him an opportunist, womanizer and freemason whose only intention was to become rich and influence in America in every possible way. Ben Franklin has remained a mystery for a long time. Now new findings suggest a new face to this reknown personality.
The Survivalistas: Book 3.5- Ava by Shandy Jo The Survivalistas: Book 3.5- Ava by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 3985 words Read a sample
Ava stayed behind to help her father keep the nuclear power plant running when her mother and brothers fled to the Adirondack community set up by The Rev. Now the plant is melting down and Ava is charged with getting important documents to The Rev. But even the best laid plans can have hiccups. Ava lands miles from the designated point and must find a way to get to her destination.
1/10th the Speed of Light by John Youker 1/10th the Speed of Light by Aug. 29, 2015 $1.99 37954 words Sample 10%
The second edition of “1/10th the Speed of Light” is a collection of more traditional science fiction stories. No magic, wizards, vampires or beings with powers that violate the laws of physics. The main story concerns a civilization that has achieved interstellar travel between closely spaced stars in a cluster. Other stories concern future technology and environmental regulation.
The Towers Of Jerhico by Peter Sargent The Towers Of Jerhico by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 3859 words Read a sample
Inspired by the horror stories of Poe, this is a tale of man dogged by the curse of a perished lighthouse keeper.
Znaki żywego alfabetu - wybór wierszy by Marcin Malek Znaki żywego alfabetu - wybór wierszy by Aug. 29, 2015 $3.75 19380 words Sample 10%
Wybór wierszy, głównie z tomów: My wszyscy z wierszy, Spomiędzy rzeczy, Pamiętnik z niedokończonej wyprawy, Nazwijcie mnie idiotą i Jedną nogą. Wiersze zostały przeredagowane a niektóre - tak można powiedzieć - napisane od początku, co czyni publikację oryginalnym dodatkiem do kolekcji publikacji autora.
Passionfruit 3 by Hero Huggins Passionfruit 3 by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 3267 words Sample 15%
The Passionfruit Series! A set of erotic short stories taking place in Gidley Manse of long, long ago. If you like Downton Abbey or Regency Romance, you'll love this.
Tales from the Domination Farm by Crimson Rose Tales from the Domination Farm by Aug. 29, 2015 $5.99 205705 words Sample 20%
Enter a world of bdsm unlike anything you've seen before with these 9 stories of domination and submission that take place at the infamous Domination Farm! From "Taming Nadia" by Emily Sinclaire, "Claiming Ashley" by Victoria Brynn to "Dominating Officer Daniels" by Crimson Rose, see the walled in complex of unfettered kinks from the unique perspectives of three different authors.
SAFE BEHIND THE LITTLE WATERFALL- Finding Peace and Freedom Through the Journey of Healing by Donna Clewes SAFE BEHIND THE LITTLE WATERFALL- Finding Peace and Freedom Through the Journey of Healing by Aug. 29, 2015 $11.99 49547 words Sample 15%
Safe Behind the Little Waterfall is an amazing memoir of healing from adversity: physical, emotional, sexual abuse, codependency, and loss. The young Donna had an alcoholic father who was emotionally and physically abusive. Donna was also sexually abused by her grandpa as a child. This decades- old secret is finally revealed in her book.
Passionfruit 2 by Hero Huggins Passionfruit 2 by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 4653 words Sample 15%
The Passionfruit Series! A set of erotic short stories taking place in Gidley Manse of long, long ago. If you like Downton Abbey or Regency Romance, you'll love this.
Grotesque by Amanda Close Grotesque by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.99 26623 words Sample 20%
Welcome to the House of Red and Black, a mansion nestled amidst several hundred acres of rolling hills and quiet forests in upstate New York, a temple to power and pleasure. Only those who find the perfect blend of sensual passion and enlightenment amidst the pain and humiliation are worthy of ascension in its hallowed halls.
Passionfruit 1 by Hero Huggins Passionfruit 1 by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 6719 words Sample 15%
Enjoy this passionate series of short stories set on the grounds of Gidley Manse as it was long, long ago. If you like Downton Abbey or Regency Romance then this is for you.
Dance With Me by Heidi Cullinan Dance With Me by Aug. 29, 2015 $3.99 93839 words Sample 20%
A football injury has stopped Ed Maurer's semi-pro career in its tracks, but when he finds himself teaching tango with prickly, wounded former professional dancer Laurie Parker, he finds himself caught up in a whole new kind of game, one with his heart at the center of the stakes.
Bundel: Gescheurd by Amily Clark Bundel: Gescheurd by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 11516 words Sample 20%
Om door een weerwolf te worden genomen klinkt misschien als een eng idee voor de meeste mensen, maar voor Fiona, was het het beste dat er ooit gebeurd is met haar. Achteraf was ze in pijn maar voelde zich geweldig, en is klaar voor meer. Met de volgende volle maand naderend, besluit ze Kyle te volgen totdat hij haar geeft wat ze wil.
Gescheurd 3 by Amily Clark Gescheurd 3 by Aug. 29, 2015 $1.49 4674 words Sample 20%
Nadat ze in het bos genomen is door Kyle, begint Fiona dingen te ervaren waarvan hij zei dat ze niet mogelijk waren. Hij had haar verteld dat ze niet zou veranderen in iets zoals hem. Veranderen in een weerwolf was onmogelijk na te zijn bekrast, dat was alleen een mythe. Maar nu ervaart Fiona dezelfde dingen als Kyle voordat hij had voordat hij veranderde.
The Mystery of Western Horse Tack - Solved! by Joanna The Mystery of Western Horse Tack - Solved! by Aug. 29, 2015 $14.99 8379 words Sample 20%
Covering everything from how to determine your horses learning curve, to cinching up the saddle, this book covers all the questions a novice rider might have. For the seasoned rider there's always something new to learn within these pages. We go over what a learning curve is and how to graph it. Bits, curb chains, throat latches, saddle pads, saddles, all necessary tack is explained.
Alien Tentacles: Omnibus Edition by Amanda Close Alien Tentacles: Omnibus Edition by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.99 31775 words Sample 20%
Something has emerged from the darkness of space, a hungry Thing that seeks to feed on some of its victims while it breeds with the rest, and now it wants us.
O Horror da Minha Mente by Donnefar Skedar O Horror da Minha Mente by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 1638 words
Durante anos Eliza Truã fora vítima do mais íntimo preconceito daquela região, todos os olhos se voltavam para ela quando a mesma passava por aquelas vielas cheias de poças de água de chuvas de outrora.
What The Heart Desires Box Set by Erica Storm What The Heart Desires Box Set by Aug. 29, 2015 $3.99 28175 words Sample 20%
This book (BWWM, Interracial, African American, and Multicultural) is for individuals 18 and over. Twenty-five year old Leila Brooks thinks she has found the love of her life, and she has it all together when she becomes the fiancée of the successful club owner, tall dark and handsome Troy Jameson. But she doesn’t see what’s coming next, and it will cause her to question her whole life.
Swinger's Pool Party by Larry Archer Swinger's Pool Party by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 16163 words Sample 20%
Foxy and Larry attend a pool party hosted by a couple of swingers they know. While at the party they meet a new couple, Mike and Cindy. While getting to know them, they introduce the husband to the hotwife pool hostess, leaving them to take care of his wife. After a hot and steamy threesome, they take Cindy back to their house for more fun.
Jade by M.L. Med Jade by Aug. 29, 2015 $3.99 89169 words
Dominic has always been a bit of a ladies man…ok lets face it. He’s a man whore. Seeing his friends around him find their mates one after another has only made him more aware of what he can’t have. That is, until he wakes in a hotel room with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, with no memory of how he got there.
Brothers Downlow by Otto Von Raunchenhausen Brothers Downlow by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 9871 words Sample 20%
Here's an outrageous story about one young man and his brothers, who engage in a series of hardcore, consenting-but-taboo gay erotica. The end result is hotter than you could ever imagine!
PIETROV AND OTHER GAMES by Jeffrey Robinson PIETROV AND OTHER GAMES by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 92410 words Sample 5%
A Russian scientists goes missing at the height of the Cold War. The Russians want him back. The British and the Americans want him to defect. This is the Cold War in divided Berlin during the 1980s, a chilling time, when the three great powers played their silly, and often reckless, games.
Open Eyes by J Scaddon Open Eyes by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 15271 words Read a sample
Gabe works as a Crime Scene Investigator. As he is working a late shift on his own he gets a call out to a sudden death. Whilst at the scene he has a strange encounter with the deceased that takes him on a journey to find the truth out about her death. Plagued with dreams of the moment of her death, it doesn't take long before Gabe stumbles on a secret.
Lost Friday by Michael Bronte Lost Friday by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 116575 words Sample 20%
It’s Saturday, Sept. 25th, and an entire town has no memory of what happened to Friday. In the future, time travel becomes the ultimate weapon, enabling those who control it to manipulate history. Reporter Johnny Pappas fights futuristic terrorists who’ve come back to kidnap high school quarterback David Robelle before he becomes the physicist who proves the phenomenon of time travel is possible
The Major's Faux Fiancee by Erica Ridley The Major's Faux Fiancee by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 66208 words Sample 20%
When Major Bartholomew Blackpool learns the girl-next-door from his childhood will be forced into an unwanted marriage, he returns home to play her pretend beau. Miss Daphne Vaughan hates that crying off will destroy Blackpool's chances of finding a real bride. She plots to make him jilt her first. With both of them on their worst behavior, neither expects their fake betrothal to lead to love...
The Storm Within by A. I. Nasser The Storm Within by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 8349 words Read a sample
It is hard to hide the fact that you have powers, but Eric tries hard as he balances academic life with his family’s new “hobby”. When Patrick and Leah walk into his world, he realizes that he is actually part of a much bigger existence than the one he has grown accustomed to.
Awaken by Shawn Muller Awaken by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 81584 words Sample 20%
Bob knew he was no longer on Earth when a little green man tried to kill him in an unknown forest. After escaping the sudden attack, he finds another human from Earth. Together, Bob and Max must form a mercenary company on behalf of a local prince to put their unique talents to use. But the question still remains, why is there a group of humans from Earth on Curixeus? And for what purpose?
Branded a Coward by Robert O' Hanlin Branded a Coward by Aug. 29, 2015 $1.49 34420 words Sample 20%
Beau Lewis had fought through the Civil War and the Indian Wars,but was now fighting the hardest battle he ever fought...the battle to clear his name . There is nothing harder than living with the brand of a coward...except proving that the brand does not belong. Fighting for his life led him to the woman he loved and dogged by Indians and Whites as well that love gave him the courage to carry on.
OUTNUMBERED volumes 1 thru 4, The Zombie Apocalypse Series by Robert Schobernd OUTNUMBERED volumes 1 thru 4, The Zombie Apocalypse Series by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 82529 words Sample 10%
Some say zombies started with the black magic of witch doctors in Africa or the Haitian bokor sorcerers and their curses. Still others claim a virus caused them. We watched TV and the internet in horror as the undead swept across Europe. Then the aberration manifested itself on the coastal cities of the US. By then the authorities couldn't hide the enormity of the disaster; it was colossal.
The Secret Love Notes of Juniper White by Margaret Windsor The Secret Love Notes of Juniper White by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.99 82816 words Sample 20%
17-year-old Juniper White, the daughter of two con artists, finds herself cornered when a new reality show sets up in her hometown. Juniper must avoid the spotlight to protect her family's secrets--but when she starts receiving mysterious love letters in her locker at school, attracting the attention of the cameras, she has to wonder--is this real, too, or as orchestrated as the rest of the show?
Miss Me? by Beth Utica Miss Me? by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 2213 words Sample 20%
After a wild youth, Hannah is set straight by a boy she grew up fantasizing about. Warning her to not go back to her wild ways, he promises retribution if he finds her in another bar. 5 years later, she finds herself bar hopping for her best friends birthday and remembering old promises.
The Lost Spells by Anderson Atlas The Lost Spells by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 47102 words Sample 20%
Karl and a girl trapped in the body of a spider battle a witch for her magic book and to return the girl to her human body. Kirkus Discovery Review: “This fantastic debut young adult novel is a fast-moving, magical, action-adventure story that unobtrusively passes along a few lessons on how to disengage from the virtual world and develop solid values.”
Claire, Dan, & Derrick A Polyamorous Bisexual Love Story Part 4: The Lie by C.T. Phillips Claire, Dan, & Derrick A Polyamorous Bisexual Love Story Part 4: The Lie by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 4118 words Sample 20%
Dan is forced to lie to Derrick and Claire as Padma drags him deeper into her dark world.
Desire: Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance Book 1 by Charlotte Byrd Desire: Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance Book 1 by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 10383 words Read a sample
HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN AN OUTLAW, I SHOULDN’T HAVE FALLEN FOR HIM Jack Hart was all wrong for me. He was in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. I was studying pre-med. He was a criminal, and I’ve never even jaywalked. After my mom had left, the last thing I wanted was a relationship. But then I started falling for Jack. Why did he have to have a girlfriend? Why did I have to go out with his brother?
The Shaitan by Ashur Etil Alani The Shaitan by Aug. 29, 2015 $3.99 287856 words Sample 15%
The Shaitan is an action-packed, supernatural fiction about an U.S. Army Ranger’s desperate struggle to prevent an international terrorist from launching a devastating attack upon New York with an unconventional psychic weapon.
Phone Games by Beth Utica Phone Games by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 2545 words Sample 20%
Mary and Brian grew up together and have been flirting for as long as either of them knew how. When a text message gets sent to the wrong girl, things heat up and get taken to the next level.
The Second Shepherds' Play by Natasha Luepke The Second Shepherds' Play by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 6514 words Sample 30%
A modern translation of a medieval classic. What had been a slice-of-life tale transforms into a nativity play, comparing and contrasting the poor peasants and their sheep with Mary and Jesus. Written in the fifteenth century by the Wakefield Master, The Second Shepherds' play uses uses comedy and pathos to explore the lives of medieval English peasants.